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THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!! Visiting the KSL studio yesterday, watching a live airing of the news, and meeting all of you whom we have watched and enjoyed on TV for years, was such a highlight for us! The kids talked about it all the way home! My friend, who is a school teacher, said she is so excited to return and tell her colleagues what SHE did for spring break! You were all so kind and gracious and it was a delightful experience all around. My son played with his weather ball all night last night and we are thrilled with the beautiful KSL calendars and the fun pictures we got to take. And your recommendation for Crown Burger was the perfect end for a fun day! No one left hungry! :) We were anxious to watch the 10:00 news last night and it was so fun to see you and recognize the very room and furnishings that we had touched that very day! My daughter said, "I left my fingerprints on that very table!" What a memory! We were disappointed to miss the Bees game, but I assure you that your "Plan B" suggestion topped even that event by leaps and bounds! Thank you SO much for your invitation. Visiting KSL was an experience my kids will never forget! And my friend's grandson, who is not really into reading all that much, showed a spark of interest when we explained to him how this all came about and his grandma encouraged him to participate in the Read Today program this summer! He is one who struggles to sit still for longer than 30 seconds, but he sat mesmerized through the whole experience! Thank you! Thank you! And please extend to your colleagues as well our heartfelt thanks for their time and interest in making it a memorable experience for us all! I just don't know how to adequately articulate what an incredible experience you made that for each one of us! To my dad, there was no other news station than KSL. He was a farmer and watching the 10:00 news on KSL every night and the weather forecast was a daily ritual you did not interrupt! I have grown up listening to and watching KSL, and I can assure you that my kids now feel the same way! Happy Spring! KayDawn Sorensen

- KayDawn Sorensen