Can you spin a basketball on one finger? Can you dribble a basketball while on your knees? Can you slam dunk a basketball and then hang from the hoop? I can’t but do you know who can? The Harlem Globetrollers! Would you like to see what other tricks they can do? The Harlem Globetrollers are coming to town and they are teaming up with Read Today for a fun challenge. E-mail us at kslreadytoday@gmailcom between October 22nd and October 26th and tell us who your favorite character in a book is and why. Please make your answer a paragraph long. Also include your full name, age and your mailing address. All winners will be contacted by e-mail. If chosen you will receive 3 tickets to see the Harlem Globetrollers play on November 3rd at 2:00 at Vivent Smart Home Arena and a swag bag. The Harlem Globetrollers sure know how to have fun so you won’t want to miss this opportunity. We look forward to seeing who your favorite character in a book is and why.